Expressive Drawing Workshops 2024 with Jody Graham | 2. Exciting Possibilities of Line Art Est Art School and Gallery

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Expressive Drawing Workshops 2024 with Jody Graham | 2. Exciting Possibilities of Line

Expressive Drawing Workshops 2024 with Jody Graham |  2. Exciting Possibilities of Line

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Line, an essential element of art, offers limitless possibilities for crafting captivating artworks. It serves various purposes, such as defining form, outlining edges, suggesting movement, and highlighting a light source. Beyond its technical aspects, line plays a crucial role in guiding the viewer's gaze and serves as a powerful means to convey thoughts, ideas, and emotions. 

In this engaging workshop, we embark on an exploration of the sensational qualities of lines. We'll learn about the diverse types of lines and how to skilfully utilise line pressure. Picture it as taking a playful stroll with the line, uncovering the exciting and expressive potential it holds. 

This workshop marks the perfect start to our artistic journey—let's unleash our creativity and discover the wonders of lines!

Thumbnail image: Jody Graham - 2023 Voilà –French Collection - Place du Capitole Toulouse, pen and ink 

2024 Workshop Overview

Hello, I'm Jody, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to a monthly workshop series designed to help you explore and master the art of expressive drawing. Each workshop will delve into various themes, sparking your imagination and focusing on specific aspects of drawing. The goal is to broaden your creative knowledge, enhance your artmaking skills, and showcase the limitless possibilities that drawing has to offer.

Whether you're a beginner looking to build confidence in expressive drawing or an experienced artist in search of ongoing inspiration, this course is meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse range of needs.

Join in these exciting workshops and unlock your creative potential through the art of expressive drawing. 

Secure your spot today and embark on a transformative artistic journey.

Workshop themes:

Workshop 1:    21 April - Bootcamp
Workshop 2:    19 May - Exciting Possibilities of Line
Workshop 3:    16 June - Mood, Tone and Atmosphere is Mixed Media Drawings and Paintings
Workshop 4:    28 July - Expressive Portraits with Ink, Colour and Collage
Workshop 5:    25 August - The Magic of Charcoal
Workshop 6:    8 September - Expressive Drawing to Sound

Special Workshop: 11-13 October - Drawing at the Foundations in Portland, NSW.  (More to follow)

Do I need to attend every month?

There is no expectation for you to do all of the sessions, but you will certainly enjoy them all!  It is possible to book into one class only, a few or the whole series. 

Is this course right for me?

Workshops are fun and designed to cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, though some drawing skills are recommended.

Materials List

Please bring the following materials

  • A notebook & pen
  • A2 cartridge sketchpad, board, and bulldog clips to hold to board.
  • 1 x watercolour 300gsm paper or A3 watercolour pad (HP or smooth grain)
  • Art-line pen or similar 
  • A handful of coloured pencils, 4-6 minimum 
  • 4B or 6B, 8B pencil, sharpening knife.
  • Small bottle of black or sepia ink 
  • Compressed and willow charcoal.
  • A good hard eraser (suggest Sennelier Giant Soap Eraser & Faber Castell Grip Eraser
  • Blue painter's masking tape 
  • Paper towel 
  • Wet wipes for clean-up
  • (easels and boards are supplied)

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