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Drawing and Painting Fundamentals for Teens | age 12-15

Course overview

This art class is for students in Year 6 at Primary school through to Year 9 at High School (aged 12-14 years)* with a strong interest in visual arts. A great class for kids transitioning to High School and wishing to pursue secondary level visual art and who really want to learn much more about art making, art history, refine and extend their skills in painting and drawing. Students will be encouraged to develop creative thinking and their own visual style.

This art class for teens is available Saturday morning or after school on Mondays.

What to expect

Through structured exercises, students will:

  • learn foundation skills in drawing and painting
  • explore more advanced visual art concepts
  • use more advanced materials (such as oil paints)
  • produce a portfolio of completed artworks

Is this course right for my child

This art class is aimed at students in Years 6-9 at school (aged 12-14 years). Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 at High School are encouraged to attend adult classes.

About our visual art classes for teens

Our visual art classes for teens are generally aimed at students in years 6/7 through to year 9 at High School. We encourage students in year 10 and above to enrol in one of our adult classes. The activities are age appropriate, there is no grading, just fun and informative lessons to stretch learn new skills and techniques.

Maximum of 12 students in all our classes, this ensures an optimal learning environment. All our term are suitable for new and continuing students, each term your tutor will have new activities to enjoy.

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Course testimonials:

  • Ash is an amazing teacher. So patient and encouraging to the kids. He is a very skilled artist and Charlotte has loved every minute of his classes.
  • I liked being able to do art lessons without doing as much theory. It was interesting to use mediums I hadn't used much before and try painting/drawing things I normally wouldn't. I have recommended this class to a friend of mine, though we are now too old to take the teens class and must take the adult one. Would recommend to others of the right age!
  • Thank you very much for teaching me. I liked the drawing still life and flowers the best. Miles