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Advanced Hand-Building Ceramics with Tanya Bechara

Advanced Hand-Building Ceramics with Tanya Bechara
$600 Limited inc GST
Advanced Hand-Building Ceramics with Tanya Bechara

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<p>Take your hand-building ceramic artworks to the next level. Students will expand upon previous knowledge to create more advanced

This is an advanced course. Not for beginners. Enrolments still open! Late Commencement Discount applies . See More>

If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Take your hand-building ceramic artworks to the next level. Students will expand upon previous knowledge to create more advanced clay sculptures.

Students will focus on finding and developing their own voice in clay using various techniques that your tutor Tanya Bechara uses in her own practice. Students will develop their own style through experimentation and exploration.

Includes handbuilding and sculptural techniques, surface treatments like airbrushing, sgraffitto, carving, underglaze and glaze applications. This class does not use the pottery wheel you just use your hands, fingers and tools for your hand building to create functional ceramics.

Image Credit - Hop'n Frog Ceramics (Tanya Bechara)

What to expect

  • expand on fundamental skills in hand-building ceramics
  • make functional wares as well as sculptural pieces
  • learn to perfect your slabs, coils and molded ceramics
  • learn key details about various clays and glazes
  • discover more about surface decoration techniques

Is this course right for me?

This class is suitable for more experienced students who would like to learn a more technical approaches to ceramics. You are encouraged to develop your own projects to work on as you build your skills


Included in the course fee is half a bag (6kg) of earthenware clay, a limited colour range of underglazes for use, and firing of your work. Additional clay can be purchased from Art Est as needed.

If you wish to use speciality glazes or other colours, or decorative items, your tutor will recommend what to buy once the course is underway.

You will need to bring (all ceramics tools are available from

  • an apron
  • hand towel
  • plastic bags to cover your projects as they dry
  • a small round sponge
  • a metal needle tool
  • a fettling knife
  • Sgraffito tool or carving tools
  • a pencil case to store your tools
  • a large(ish) plastic storage container with a lid
  • a stamp to mark your work (optional)
  • your sense of fun and creativity!

Will my vessels be fired?

Standard pieces made as part of your course program will be fired as part of your course fee. Larger or extra pieces made in class will be fired at $7/kg. Works made outside of Art Est. studios are not able to be fired in our kiln.

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