Art in Iso | Tutors Edition

Art in Iso | Tutors Edition | Opens 13 August


Tanya Baily | Tanya Bechara | Ashley Bell | Monika Diak | Julia Flanagan | Ashley Frost | Jody Graham | Juliet Holmes a Court | Tania Mason | Sam McNair | Matilda Michell | Sally Mowbray | Susie Murphie | Remy Pajaczkowski-Russell | Kara Pryor | Rhonda Pryor | Mellissa Read-Devine | EJ Son


When Covid19 restrictions and encouraged isolation came in to place, we had to adapt quickly to a vastly different set of circumstances. Schedules were turned upside down, studios and public spaces shut their doors, teaching moved online, and everyone became aware of a heightened sense of cleanliness and physical proximity.

The Tutors at Art Est used their creativity to settle in to the new normal, to work out new ways of working from home, and to find hope and inspiration in our own backyards.

The works in this exhibition have been created in a varied range of mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolours, inks, digital, collage, mixed media, and ceramics.

We welcome you to Art in Iso, Tutors edition, to reflect on the way our wonderful tutors responded to isolation.

  • Monika Diak, Artist and Tutor

Gallery Opening Hours

Visit the exhibition anytime during our class times:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 10am-9pm
Thursday, Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 8.30am-3pm
Sunday 16 + 23 August: 10am-3pm