Current Exhibition


Unearth 11 – 25 January 2018

Four female artists share a common interest in ‘unceramifying ’ the ceramic object from its conventional utilitarian obsession in uncanny ways

Rachael Harrex
Caitlin Hespe
Emilie Syme Lamont
Emma Constantine

Opening night drinks Friday 11 January 6-8pm
Exhibition runs until Friday 25 January

Curated by Rachael Harrex

About the artists

Rachael Harrex is interested in the interaction between natural processes, which form landscape over deep time, and human forces re-shaping nature over relatively short periods of time, shallow time. Her practice is contextualised within the evolving environmental crisis, based on the belief that humans are somehow above nature and separate from it. She is trying to bridge this ever-expanding gap of psychological and emotional separation between biological and geological bodies, the ‘us and them’.

More info on Rachael's previous works
Instagram @rachaelharrex

Caitlin Hespe’s research-based practice is centred on tourist art, exploring travel, place, the gaze and material consumption. Exhibited as an installation, her work comprises collected anti-souvenirs constructed from found objects and inappropriate consumables. Caitlin is interested in how display can be used to construct narratives and memories. She explores the way places and landscapes may be commodified or consumed.

More info on Caitlin's previous projects
Instagram @freiche.hat

Emilie Syme-Lamont area of research delves into the uncanny areas of memory and domestic identity, with a particular interest in questioning nostalgia and the mistaken and fallible elements of individual and collective memory.

More about Emilie Syme-Lamont
Instagram @emiliesymelamont

Emma Constantine’s work is interested in play, creative movement and the human form. In this work, the body as a form playfully interacts with a ceramic object with spontaneous and intuitive creative movements, as a way to create and explore shapes that are uncanny, otherworldly and sensual.

More images by Emma Constantine
Instagram @emmajulietc

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Saturday: 8.30am-2.00pm
Sunday 9 September : 10am-3pm
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