Current Exhibition

[Detail] Left to right Julie Truer, Eve Pitt, Praveen Hunjan, Kerry Lonsdale, Joyce So. Oil on Canvas

August Exhibition | Still Life A Group Exhibition

New Paintings by Praveen Hunjan, Kerry Lonsdale, Eve Pitt, Joyce So and Julie Truer

Exhibition dates: 11-29 August

Opening event: Saturday 19 August, 3-5pm

This exhibition brings together five artists with a mutual love of still life painting. Each artist has a very different approach to the genre, yet all of them demonstrate an honesty and integrity in their painting. Joyce’s paintings show a calmness, using a restrained palette and quiet balanced sense of composition to invoke a beautiful peacefulness. Praveen’s paintings are bold and gutsy; making the most of a limited earth palette the paintings seem to burst with colour and pattern. The use of striped cloth and its distortion through glass and reflection disrupts the pictorial space and makes for dynamic, forceful painting. Julie’s paintings are classical and beautifully balanced, recalling the dutch still life tradition they exhibit a wonderfully subtle fall of light and exquisite detail. Eve’s paintings bring a surprisingly varied sense of colour and texture to everyday objects. Her ruthless pursuit of her subject makes for painting that is rich and varied, transforming the ordinary into something beautiful and unique. She never takes her subjects for granted, allowing her to return to the same subjects over and over yet retain a freshness in colour and brushwork.

Kerry’s paintings show a confident, expressive brushwork and sensitive use of colour. Walking a line between classical and modernist traditions, she ties together elements of each seamlessly along with a whimsical sense of composition that makes the paintings quietly joyful.

Matilda Michell 2017

Art Est. is pleased to present Still Life an exhibition of new paintings by Praveen Hunjan, Kerry Lonsdale, Eve Pitt, Joyce So and Julie Truer who have been attending Matilda’s Michell’s classes for several terms.

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