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Capt. James Whitlam, Gilbert Grace

Gilbert Grace Against Hollywood

Art Est. is pleased to present 2018 Greenway Art Prize Winner Gilbert Grace’s new exhibition Against Hollywood in the gallery.

Against Hollywood includes oil paintings, works on paper, and assemblages that demonstrate Gilbert’s passion for creative expression, the environment, sense of place and human mobility.

Exhibition Dates: 6–22 September 2019

Gallery Opening Hours: Open during regular office hours and when classes are in our studios.
Monday-Wednesday: 10am-9pm
Thursday-Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 8.30am-5pm.
Sunday 8 September: 10am-3pm
Please phone 9564 1519 to check other times.

About the exhibition

Against Hollywood takes its title from an essay by Sherry B Ortner on independent films of the 1980s and 1990s with broader implications for social consciousness that emerged as a reaction to consumerism and ‘economic rationalism’. Gilbert does not shy away from difficult topics such as the impending economic and ecological crises, but approaches them with a wry sense of humour and a modicum of hope. His creative practice is focused on building resilience through creative expression combined with the therapeutic and life affirming effects of physical activity and immersion in nature.

Gilbert has a long history of collaboration with Art Est. Art School through ARTcycle Inc., and the GreenWay Art Prize, of which Art Est is the Presenting Sponsor. Gilbert was awarded First Prize in the GreenWay Art Prize in its inaugural year in 2010 and again in 2018. ARTcycle Inc is a not-for-profit artist led bicycling initiative Gilbert established with like-minded friends, artist and supporters, to build the audience for the arts and promote health-giving, human activity.

Gilbert is passionate about art, history, cycling, the GreenWay and the Sydney Green Ring. He has enormous vision for the GreenWay, and a strong commitment to what he can achieve through this exhibition.

Gilbert has played a significant role in bringing the GreenWay to life through the regular ARTcycle Inc., tours that he conducts. He was one of a handful of local artists selected to contribute to the public art program of the Inner West Light Rail extension, creating designs for the Light Rail shelters at Arlington, Taverners Hill and Hawthorne stations. The designs represent elements of the social and ecological history of the Inner West and the freight line a theme continued through the works in this exhibition.

Gilbert is currently completing a supported Artist-In-Residence project at Whites Creek Cottage, 31 White Road, Lilyfield. He is holding workshops in minimising waste and developing historical awareness of materials, such as the reuse of hemp fabric offcuts, discards from his painting supports. The off-cuts are pulped by hand and remade into paper for further use in his studio practice.

The Sydney Green Ring, one of Gilbert’s projects, incorporates place, mobility and ecology. The project aims to create an active transport corridor and circuit through inner Sydney, linking green space and landmark locations along the watercourses that watered, fed and provided transport for the early colony of Sydney.

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