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Pushing Pastels | Drawing Landscapes in Pastels with Paul McCarthy

Pushing Pastels | Drawing Landscapes in Pastels with Paul McCarthy

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Discover a one-day chalk pastel drawing workshop focused on layered hatching, a unique approach to pastel drawing. Bring your own landscape or seascape reference images to work from and be prepared for a day of insightful learning and creative exploration.

This fun and exciting workshop led by experienced artist Paul McCarthy will teach participants how to get the most out of 'painting' landscapes or seascapes using chalk (soft) pastels.  Paul will share tips, skills and ways to translate your reference images into impressive chalk pastel artworks. Throughout the workshop, you'll explore various pastel techniques, enhancing your understanding of this medium. This workshop is a great opportunity for artists looking to expand their knowledge of chalk pastels.

Is this course right for me?

This workshop caters to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to those familiar with design and composition.


Please bring the following materials.

  • Pastel Paper - I use Mi-Teintes Touch Paper - any colour it doesn’t matter (I will probably work on black).
  • Choose a size you can handle, I will be working large so people can see.
  • Bring your chalk pastels, whatever you have (NOT OIL PASTELS)
  • A backing board, clips or masking-tape for your paper
  • A can of spray fixative

Please make sure you bring chalk pastels, not oil pastels or Conte Crayons. If you do not have any chalk pastels, most good art supply stores sell box sets of 15 assorted colour chalk pastels. Economical but good quality brands include Rembrandt, Art Spectrum, Faber-Castell (Grumbacher). Sennelier and Schminke are quality pigments, however can be quite pricey!

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