Special Events

Australian Ceramics Open Studios

Art Est. Art School + Ceramics Studio is pleased to take part in the 2018 Australian Ceramics Open Studios.

The 2018 open studio weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of the opening purpose built ceramics studio. Join us again for this dynamic open studio weekend when you can see the masters at work in our Ceramics studio. Come along and watch a demo of speciality hand building and wheel throwing techniques from Greg Crowe, Arun Sharma, Kara Pryor, Denise McDonald, Shinhee Ma, and other ceramicists.

Meet the artists at the opening of our ceramics exhibition Wedged in the Art Est Gallery 2pm-4pm Sunday 19 August.

Opening hours 10am-4pm Saturday 18 August and Sunday 19 August.

Weekend demonstration schedule at Art Est. Ceramics Studio

Saturday 18 August

10am-12noon Kara Pryor Kara teaches our childrens after school classes and school holiday workshops specialising in her creative hand building skills. Come and watch and learn some of Kara’s hand building skills as she makes some of us into kings and queens!

12noon-2pm Denise McDonald Watch Denise McDonald create her unique wheel-thrown slab tablewares. You will see the wheel being used in a different way to include hand building and bring texture to the surface of functional vessels. Denise’s techniques will inspire you with endless possibilities for your clay creations.

12noon-2pm Tanya Bechara See Tanya sculpt a life sized native animal (either a numbat or spotted quoll) from raku clay, she will discuss the techniques used to assemble limbs & head to torso and how to achieve a fur-like texture.

2pm-4pm Arun Sharma Arun Sharma will demonstrate making of ceramic sculptural vessels.The demonstration includes the throwing of various components of the vessels after which they will be assembled together using wheel and hand-building techniques. He will also talk about surface (such as texture and glaze) considerations and applications.

Sunday 19 August

10am-12noon Shinhee Ma Shinhee will demonstrate how to create simple, everyday teapots using throwing techniques. She will show you how to centre ball of clay on the potters wheel and throw basic teapot body, spout and lids as well as pulled handles. Shinhee will guide you through step by step process how to throw, trim and join various teapot components to form the final teapot.

10am-12noon Kara Pryor Kara teaches our childrens after school classes and school holiday workshops specialising in her creative hand building skills. Come and watch and learn some of Karas hand building skills as she makes some of us into kings and queens!

12noon-2pm Greg Crowe Greg’s practice focuses on form and texture. Greg will demonstrate some of the ways he has developed to add these beautiful textures to his functional ware.

12noon-2pm Lilo Blyton Inspired by Oriental and Asian brushwork used on contemporary pots by artists such as Doug Lawrie , Les Blakebrough and Vic Greenaway during her ceramic training in 1970s Tasmania, Lilo will be demonstrate basic brushwork patterns on paper, as well as her own own more intricate stylized designs on glazed bisqued ware.Using basic brush techniques grounded in Chinese and Japanese calligraphy,she will demonstrate how to make the transition from learning the ‘bamboo strokes with leaves’ to being adventurous and fearless of putting brushwork over glazed pots'

About the open studio weekend

Unearth your local potter!

On the weekend of 18 & 19 August 2018, around 120 potters and ceramic artists around the country will open their studios to the public for the sixth annual Australian Ceramics Open Studios. The event is hosted by The Australian Ceramics Association and shines a spotlight on the diverse practice of Australian artists working today in clay.

According to Cathy Franzi, President of The Australian Ceramics Association, this national event is an inspiring opportunity for the broader community to step inside the creative spaces of
contemporary potters and ceramicists. It’s a chance to experience the wonders of this luscious
material and the skilled artisans who develop their unique voice within this ancient practice.

“The ceramic process is a particularly fascinating one, starting with shaping plastic clay into form, whether that is a cup to drink from or a contemporary sculpture. You might see clay turned into vessels on the potter's wheel or an artist decorating a ceramic surface with intricate imagery before the piece is fired in a kiln. This weekend will offer the visitor a rare glimpse into the spaces where creativity occurs,” Ms Franzi said.

The general public can unleash their inner artist and participate in workshops, see demonstrations, listen to artist talks, and purchase original ceramics from potters located in suburban backyards, inner city co-operatives and rambling rural settings across Australia on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August, from 10am – 4pm.

Visit www.australianceramicscommunity.com, to see the profiles of participating artists around the country.

Entry to all studios is free. Enquiries call 1300 720 124.

Special Events

Art Est. hosts special events including exhibition openings and talks throughout the year, as well as participating in local and Sydney-wide art events such as Art Month and the Inner West Open Studio Trail.