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Studies from the studio | Student Showcase

Studies from the Studio | Student Showcase | 6 September – 7 October

Curated by tutor Marie Mansfield and her students, “Studies from the studio” showcases over 30 oil paintings by our Intermediate Oil Painting Essentials term course students.

By painting various subjects throughout the term course, students explored and observed light, tone, and proportion to bring a sense of reality and atmosphere to their work. They were encouraged to explore their vision and style under the guidance of Marie.

This body of work showcases the range of individual approaches and artistic expression that has been developed in our studios.

"This group of artists have been painting together over a period of time, so it is a great opportunity to showcase their work. These artists have flourished, grown, been challenged and found their unique voice through the process. It has been a great joy to be a part of their journey." said tutor Marie Mansfield.

Participating Artists

Juliet Gillies | Margaret Hogan | Wendy Howie | Clare Lewis | Kaye Morehen | Christine Moult | Lisa Ridgway | Tracey Schramm | Suzannah Trotter

Studies from the studio | Exhibition Details

Date: 6 September to 7 October
Location: Art Est Main Campus, 10 Hill St, Leichhardt