Student Exhibition

Art Est End-of-Year Student Exhibition | Artist Call Out

For our annual End-of-Year student exhibition, we invite our students from Term 3 and Term 4 to submit a piece of work/s which they have completed since 1 July 2020. Whether they have created it in a class or workshop, it provides a great opportunity to have recent works displayed in a professionally curated exhibition.

The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate our students, recognise their achievements and provide a platform for them as new and emerging artists.

Exhibitors will then be invited to an End-of-Year celebration on Thursday 3 December.

Key Dates

Entries Close: 15 November
Artwork Delivery: 12-18 November
Exhibition Dates: 21 November – 6 December
End-of-Year celebration: Thursday 3 December, 6pm-8pm

Who can enter

Adults and children who have attended any class or workshop at Art Est in 2020 during the Winter Holidays, Spring Holidays, Term 3 or Term 4.

What can be entered

We welcome works across the following artforms: painting, drawing, pottery, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, and cartooning. Artworks must have been created in a class or workshop at Art Est during the period specified.

How to submit your work

Fill out the below online form with the required information and submit your entry before 8 November. Please read the terms and conditions below before submitting.

Click here to submit your work

Entry Fees

There is a $10 fee payable per artwork entered, with a maximum of two artworks allowed per person. Fees are non-refundable and include GST. Every attempt is made to display all submitted works.

Terms and Conditions

Selection Criteria

• All entries must be the artist’s original work and have been completed after 1 July 2020.

• Student must be enrolled in at least one course in 2020 from the Winter Holidays, Spring Holidays, Term 3 or Term 4 and have created the submitted artwork in that class.

• 2D works must not exceed 100cm in height or width, including frames and other mounting devices. All works on paper, drawings, prints and paintings must be professionally mounted and framed or they can be on stretched canvas with D rings attached to make them ready for hanging. For all other wall mounted works, fixtures and detailed instructions for hanging must be supplied by the artist and approved by the Art Est install team.

• 3D works, such as Ceramics or sculptures must not exceed 45cm in any direction. Works must be sturdy, easily moved and suitable for display on a plinth.

• Excludes photography.

Security, Liability and Insurance

Artists exhibit at their own risk and insurance is the artist’s responsibility. Art Est will exercise reasonable care, but is not responsible for loss or damage to any work while in its custody, during transit or on exhibition. Art Est. has public liability and fire protection insurance. Additional insurance, if desired, is the responsibility of the entrant.

Photographs, Copyright and Media

Artists grant Art Est. and its licensees the right to reproduce their work, in part or in full, and biographical material by any means in any media for archival and promotional purposes. The artist and their gallery (if applicable) will be properly acknowledged in such material.

Sale of Artwork

Artists in all age categories are welcome to offer their work for sale. The sale price, including commission, should be indicated in the entry form and on your artwork. If not for sale, please write NFS. There is no commission on any sales in Youth or Child categories. Commission on sales in the Adult Category is 25% (exclusive of GST). If you are represented by a gallery, Art Est. will split the commission with your gallery. Artists are responsible for notifying their gallery of the sale.