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February in the Gallery

Don’t Think Twice | Andrew Antoniou + Paul Thomas

An exhibition of drawings inspired by the lyrics of Bob Dylan

3-24 February 2020

'Someone who will die for you and more' by Paul Thomas. 'When all the clowns that you have commissioned' by Andrew Antoniou

Artist statement

Bob Dylan, his songs and poetry, have been a part of our vocabulary of images for over 55 years, since the early days of the folk based protest songs through the electrification of the music that married his stream of consciousness lyrics to rock and roll and all its incarnations. Those images have been moving through our psyche transmuting with time and demanding a place on the page and on a welcoming wall in full view of those, who will, hopefully, relate to how we have experienced this epic body of work from one of our greatest Nobel Prize winning poet musicians.

Paul and I have known each other for 50 of those 55 years and we thought perhaps now is the time to start our conversation, through drawing, of where Dylan has led us in those 55 years.

Andrew Antoniou 2020

Andrew Antoniou

Painter and printmaker Andrew Antoniou completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Winchester School of Art and a Master of Art at the Central School of Art, London in 1974. He settled in Australia in 1985. Antoniou has held 7 solo exhibitions with Australian Galleries and has been a Finalist in various major prizes. He has taught at most universities and art schools in NSW over 30 years and his work is represented in collections in Australia and Europe.

Andrew Antoniou work courtesy of Australian Galleries.

Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas studied at the Royal College of Art under Peter de Francia 1974-77. Thomas is a painter and draughtsman and co founded, with Anita Taylor, the ‘Jerwood Drawing Prize’ in 1994 to reward excellence in contemporary drawing. His work is often dealing with Greek mythological subject matter, and more recently he showed a suite of 50 drawings ‘The Great Composers’ at the City Recital Hall in Sydney, and a series of paintings ‘Parting Gifts’ at David Rex Livingston