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Online | Expressive Drawing Workshops with Jody Graham | 6. Value + Mass

Course Overview

A series of monthly workshops to help you understand and learn exciting, expressive drawing skills. Each workshop will focus on a particular area of drawing and artmaking, which will expand your mind, creative knowledge and talent to all the wonderful things drawing can be! Monthly subjects are selected to support individual artistic development and focus on evolving a solid skill base. This course is designed for people who want to learn how to draw and for those that want to dedicate themselves to an ongoing creative exploration of drawing. These one-day workshops are held in a concentrated drawing and painting environment, designed to activate and expand on your passion to draw and create.

This session’s theme | Value + Mass

Tonal Drawing, exploring the magnificence of expressing yourself using tone only, using different surfaces and coloured ground to draw on.

Value drawing can also be called “mass drawing”. Mass drawing defines the volume of the form and play of light on it. “Value” simply refers to how light or dark an object or area is. A drawing is said to be a value drawing when it is in black and white and the shades of grey in between the two are called values or tones.

Do I need to attend every month?

There is no expectation for you to do all of the sessions, but you will certainly enjoy them all! It is possible to do one workshop, a few or the complete course.

Workshop themes:

1. 28 February – Line + Variety
2. 28 March – Shape + Space
3. 30 May – Form + Emphasis
4. 27 June – Space + Scale
5. 25 July – Texture + Pattern
6. 29 August – Value + Mass
7. 26 September – Colour + Balance
8. 31 October – Mark Marking
9. 28 November – Materiality

Is this course right for me?

Workshops are fun and designed to cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Recommended Materials List

Please ensure you have the below, or something very similar:

  • 2B pencil and or charcoal pencil
  • Charcoal – compressed and willow
  • Paper towel sharpener & eraser
  • A3 or A2/A1 Cartridge paper
  • Canson Mi-Teintes coloured paper – neutral tone
  • Any inks, coloured pastels, watercolours and or acrylics you already have at home


  • 4 large bulldog clips or masking tape to attach artwork to board or desk
  • 300gsm watercolour paper or similar- optional
  • Can of spray fixative

This class will run online

Due to Sydney’s COVID-19 restrictions, our classes have been designed to run online. Click here to see our detailed guide to setting up, and having a smooth online class.

Fees for adult classes exclude art materials. Click here to see a list of local art supply retailers.

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