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Working With Watercolour | Tanya Baily | Descriptive Brush Techniques

Working with Watercolour is a monthly series of related weekend workshops that will expand your skills and understanding of watercolour painting and will challenge you to discover and experiment with the full expressive qualities of this elusive and magical fine art medium.

This is one of a series of six workshops by Tanya Baily in 2022

1. Wet-in-Wet
2. Descriptive Brush Techniques
3. All About Colour
4. Plein  Air and the Sketch
5. Colour and Composition
6. Expressive Watercolours

You can sign up for all six workshops, or pick and choose particular workshops that match your interest.

What to expect

Each workshop is designed around particular themes and goals, with exercises and ideas to practice a full range of watercolour techniques. You will learn the methods of the masters and of contemporary artists, and Tanya will guide you to develop your own style.

Workshop Delivery

This workshop will be studio-based with students working from still-lives in the studio or from photographic images

Workshop Theme: Descriptive brush techniques

Workshop #2 is dedicated to the range of expressive and descriptive techniques in watercolour to depict different textures. With reference to artists both past and present, students will practise different ways of rendering textures in watercolour for subjects such as foliage, brickwork, rocks and more. Tanya will provide images, but students are welcome to bring images of their own.

Is this course right for me?

Suitable for beginners to watercolour as well as experienced artists. Those new to Watercolour Painting are advised to attend workshops 1,2 and 3 in order to get the full benefit of workshops 4,5,6.

Material List

  • Paint: tubes or dry palettes, see required colours below.
  • Paint Brushes: Synthetic quality cheaper watercolour brushes are fine, approx sizes 4, 8, and 12.
  • Palette: One 6-8 pan palette (deeper pan watercolour palettes are preferred).
  • Paper: Ideally, a mix of:
  1. A small A5 pad cheaper watercolour sketch paper (min weight 200gsm). Common brands are Reeves and Canson.
  2. 1x sheet 56x76cm 300gsm, 100% Cotton, cold-pressed, medium grain watercolour paper. Common brands are Arches and Fabriano.
  • (optional) a range of pre-owned and preferred papers if you have them
  • HB Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Roll of Kitchen paper
  • 2x water containers

Colours required

Basic essential colours:

  • Pthalo blue (Windsor blue green shade)
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Lemon yellow
  • Quinacrodone gold
  • Permanent rose (Or Alizarin Crimson)

Students are welcome to bring other previously owned or preferred colours. Handy additions might include:

  • Pthalo green(Windsor green blue shade)
  • Cadmium red

Note: Your tutor recommends the brands Winsor and Newton, Schminke, Daniel Smith (or equivalent quality). Student quality watercolour paints are cheaper but are made with inks and synthetic dyes, not pigments. They don’t last as long or work as well and the colour quality is not good.

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