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Cartoon Illustration | Gaming Characters | 7-9 years

This workshop is for young artists to increase their illustration skills focusing on Game Design concepts. For students who are into games such as Super Mario, Zelda, Rayman, Machinarium, Terraria, Minecraft & Portal. The lesson will include learning step by step how to draw popular kids game characters, game world maps, bosses, platform game levels and much more. As well as creating your own game characters, obstacles, and worlds. Students will gain confidence and freedom with their drawing creations, how these drawings can fit into their own creative writing & developing their skills and learn to really flex their imaginations. The intended outcome of this lesson is for the young artist to get a glimpse into the world of concept art and the gift of being able to communicate what you can imagine to others through drawing.

This class is aimed at students aged 7-9 years.

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