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Ceramics | Terrific Tiles | 5-7 years

Need something personalised and handmade for your house? Kids will create decorative tiles (standard bathroom tile size) with sculpted scenes eg aquatic (pond or ocean) , garden (flowers & insects) forest ( birds & nests), Prehistoric scene (dinosaurs).

NOTE: To ensure these delicate works are stronger, a small fee for kiln firing and glazing is included in the workshop fee. Fired artworks will be available for collection approximately 4 weeks after the workshop

This class is aimed at children 5-7 years old | max of 10 kids in this class

Frequently asked questions

Did you know you could stay all day? Children enrolled in morning and afternoon sessions will be supervised through the 1 hour lunch break. Just pack lunch and extra snacks.The break may include a visit to Lambert Park Playground just around the corner at the end of Davies Street – so bring a hat and sunscreen. There is NO additional fee for this supervision

My child is older/younger than the suggested age, can they do the class? Our holiday classes are structured with age appropriate activities. If children are older than the listed age target they can do the class as long as they are aware there will be younger kids in the class and this does not worry them. However it is not appropriate for children much younger than the listed age to attend classes aimed at older students (eg a 6 year old enrolled in a class for 8-12s or a 9 year old in class for teens).

How many children are in each class? We keep classes to 12 students to ensure maximum learning opportunity.

Are materials included in the workshop fee? Yes, the fee for each school holiday class includes all materials and tuition.

If I cancel a booking can I get a refund? Please read our school holiday cancellation and refund policy in our terms and conditions carefully. We do not offer refunds for cancellations and a cancellation fee may be payable or you may forfeit the course fee, depending on when you cancel

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