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Pottery Wheel School Holiday Fun | 7-9 years

A fun school holiday class for kids to learn to use the pottery wheel! Practice centering the clay on the wheel so you can build it up to a pot or other vessel. This class is a fun way to learn the basics of wheel throwing. Don’t worry too much about making everything perfectly symmetrical – just enjoy the process while learning the basics.

Due to the strength and height required to operate the wheel and mould the clay, our experience is that children should have already turned 7.

What to expect

Over the day, students will:

  • be introduced to the principles of making ceramics on a pottery wheel
  • learn the fundamental techniques of wheel throwing including centring and shaping
  • practise throwing simple cylinders

What should I wear?

Wear closed-toe shoes and clothes you are relaxed about getting clay on.
Best to wear comfortable pants/trousers as you’ll sit close to the wheel as you throw.

What should I bring?

An old hand towel

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • My boys Alex & Luca loves the class. Can’t wait to see the fired goods. I’m sure they will be back.