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Contemporary Fauvism - Still Life or Landscape with Paul McCarthy

This workshop is now full. You may enjoy Expressive Acrylics with Larissa Blake or “Fabulous Florals with Mellissa Read Devine”/course/Painting.Class.Read.Devine.1

Course overview

Come on an exciting and informed acrylic painting workshop journey with Paul McCarthy as you learn to become loose and vibrant with your approach to painting. This workshop is perfect for students not afraid to have a go at something wild yet controlled; free and yet composed. Your end result can be as abstract or as realistic as you wish, with emphasis during the day on design and composition, combined with colour control and harmonies. Paul McCarthy is known for his colourful and expressive paintings of rural and coastal scenes and still life.

Represented by Sydney’s new Rochfort Gallery who describe “McCarthy's plein-air vision of the bush is one of energised colour. His landscapes combine Fauvism, Impressionism and Contemporary Abstraction. His exquisite colour combinations give his paintings an exotic flair, through which he captures and finds a whole new and dramatic light unique to his environment. ”

Choose from landscape or still life. The choice is yours and you could do landscape one day, still life the next if you wish.

For Landscape Painting - bring reference material which may be photographs or drawings or even older paintings

For Still Life Painting - a still life set up will be available, however if you have your own objects or preference (florals etc) bring these.

Students will work on 300gsm watercolour paper providing the opportunity to draw back into your painting with charcoal, pastel or pencil*

Is this workshop right for me?

Prior acrylic painting experience is required.

Materials list

Good quality 300gsm watercolour paper (Arches is a good brand). (as many full sheets as you think you will use in a day, this might be 2 pieces it might be 10)**
Whatever acrylic paints you normally use. DO NOT go out and buy anything special, but we recommend using good artist quality paints (cheap paints give a poor result). Matisse Derivan, Atelier, Golden are all excellent brands.
Your usual brushes.

If you have the following items,bring these along:
Pastels (either oil or chalk pastels are suitable, if using chalk pastels make sure your painting is dry before drawing on it otherwise you can damage them)
Ink, pencil, charcoal (compressed or willow)

**Working on paper is encouraged in this workshop, but if you would prefer to work on canvas you are welcome to bring this instead of paper

Maximum of 12 students in all our classes Our class sizes are small, ensuring you receive the individual tuition you need.

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Course testimonials:

  • A great experience learning and being mentored and supported in my art journey. Artest can be relied on to provide a consistent standard of art classes.