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Contemporary Watercolour Painting | NEW

Course overview

This course is for those who are interested in obtaining a greater understanding of the medium of watercolour and how to make key decisions before embarking on larger or more detailed works. By no means traditional, we will explore watercolour in a fun and immersive way. If it is of interest we will also look at expanding watercolour to include gouache and elements of the drawn such as pastel, ink or charcoal on top of your watercolour.

We will explore colour and create some colour studies in order to make educated palette choices. By the end of this course you will have a solid grounding in the beginnings of investigating pigments/colour and their innate behavioural characteristic qualities. Gain an extensive understanding of watercolour mediums and how they can be employed for various effects and masking devices. We will also look at the importance of paper selection and surface texture and how these decisions impact your work.

These structured activities will be balanced with a key focus on students working on self-directed projects and subject/s of choice. The idea is for you to take your ideas or quicker watercolours/sketches to a finished piece or larger scale.

images: Carla Hananiah studies

Is this course right for me

Not for complete beginners, some prior watercolour painting experience is assumed

Materials list

Art materials are not included in the course fee. Students should bring the following materials:

  • Any watercolours you already have - palette decisions can be made as you go as these are very personal.
  • Watercolour brushes
  • Good quality artist watercolour paper – preferably 100% cotton e.g. - Arches/Fabriano (whichever surface texture you have a personal preference for).
  • If you also have gouache, inks, pastel, charcoal etc and wish to work in this way then bring these also.
  • a box of tissues
  • a roll of paper towel
  • a roll of masking tape and/or bulldog clips
  • at least 2 x clean glass jars
  • Soft lead pencil (eg 2B or 3B), eraser
  • Economy watercolour paper for studies and test painting 200-300gsm – A block of Canson Montval 100 Sheets of A3 300gsm paper is very economical.

If you are unsure, bring what you have to the first class and we can decide what may be worth you investing in to add to your paint kit.

Maximum of 12 students in all our classes Our class sizes are small, ensuring you receive the individual tuition you need.

Unless otherwise noted, fees for adult classes exclude art materials.Click here to see a list of local art supply retailers.

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$450 $427.50 Limited inc GST
Contemporary Watercolour Painting | NEW

<h3 id="Courseoverview">Course overview</h3><p>This course is for those who are interested in obtaining a greater understanding of the medium of watercolour and how to make key decisions before

Term 2 now enrolling | Enrol in this term 2 class before 8 April and enjoy a 5% discount
Price excludes art materials | Assumes some prior watercolour painting experience.
Maximum of 12 students in all our classes