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Expressive and Abstract Painting in Acrylics with Peter Griffen

Course overview

Abstraction, colour and energy are the key concepts of this two day acrylic painting workshop. Join popular tutor Peter Griffen for hands-on experimental, abstract and semi-abstract painting. Peter will demonstrate many acrylic painting techniques, with a particular emphasis on composition, line, strong colour and collage. Simple projects will be set and participants will be encouraged to work at their own rate and in their own way, allowing themselves to be guided by the painterly effects that they produce. Intuition, self-expression and individuality will be encouraged. In this workshop you will ‘take a line for a walk’ and enter the world of abstraction. Students will use a variety of different approaches from splashes, dripping, scraping and collaging, to create a truly imaginative abstract work. Students will be working on multiple projects at once, so bring plenty of paper and/or canvasses.

Is this course right for me?

This workshop assumes prior experience with acrylic paints.


Please bring your acrylic paints. The following is Peter's preferred palette

  • White 250ml.....lots more white than other paint is important; Black; “Warm” yellow; “Cool” yellow ; “Warm” red ; “Cool” red ; “Warm” blue ; “Cool” blue ; (Pthalo green, Dioxine purple and Orange, if possible)
  • Brushes | A range of very fine to broad (up to 6cm approx)* Paper | At least 20 sheets of cartridge paper or mixed media paper at least 200gsm , approx. 60x40 cm* Canvas | if you also like to work on canvas, bring a few along of any size (not too small)* Derivan brand polymer gloss varnish 250ml* Modelling compound 250ml* Spatula/s* Pencils and visual diary* 4-8 large bulldog clips* Masking tape* Small plastic containers* Rags and/or paper towels* Scissors and/or Stanley knife* Packet of wet wipes Extras Anything else that you may wish to use or that you already have such as:
  • Found objects, old magazines, etc., for collage; Other acrylic paints; Artist paper ; Other painting surfaces; Small paint rollers; Mouth atomizer; Trowel; Pens and inks; Gesso; pencils, charcoal, crayons
$350 Limited inc GST
Expressive and Abstract Painting in Acrylics with Peter Griffen

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<h3 id="header-course-overview">Course overview</h3>

<p>Abstraction, colour and energy are the key concepts of this two day <em>acrylic painting


If there isn't a class to suit you, please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the two day abstraction course with Peter. He demonstrated many of the techniques he uses in his work and talked us through his thought processes while doing so. He allowed each participant an individual approach and gave feedback when asked. Peter had many works to look at and was very generous in his approach to photographing and using these as a springboard for participant's work. The venue is an amazing resource - fresh, clean and with all amenities. Thank you to both Peter and the organisers. I live in country NSW in Woodstock and I hope to attend other courses in the future. The venue was easy to find and had free, easy parking.
  • I enjoyed Peter's enthusiasm and the variety of approaches he had to painting.
  • A relaxed atmosphere , helpful guidance and discussion from Peter Griffen made this a fabulous day to explore abstract art .