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Online | Close the Door and Draw | Creative Team Building Drawing Workshop with Jody Graham

Build connections with your colleagues in a relaxed creative online art studio. Learn innovative tips and techniques to make exciting artworks from material you can find at home or in the office. A drawing workshop where everyone ‘draws’ with materials they might already have around the house… and not the things that automatically spring to mind. Think coffee grounds, teabags, boot polish, old toothbrushes, sponges, tennis balls…. Participants will do some individual pre-workshop creative thinking, bring some of their personality and their everyday into the workroom, and create some fun as they share their discoveries and drawing ‘tools’ with others online.

What to expect:

This is a hands-on workshop conducted on line via Zoom. Creativity reduces stress, inspires new thinking, encourages deeper connection with yourself and others.

Is this course right for me?

Great for corporate or small business team building, especially when working remotely.

Setting up your space

Participants will need to prepare a creative space and organise their materials for the workshop in advance

  • Position yourself in good light, with good access to your computer to see the zoom class with space draw and so we can see you
  • Create an area to draw and paint in, put a drop sheet down on the floor (plastic side of a picnic rug
  • You will need a flat surface to work on – a desk or dining room table – and cover this with a plastic cloth or some newspaper
  • Have some old rags or paper towels in case of any spills.
  • Set up your materials, drawing paper, 3 or 4 plastic containers, one with water.


You will need paper to draw on, pencils, pens, brushes, masking tape, good imagination and time! Most of the materials you will find around the home and can supplement with supplies bought from your local art shop, online or discount $2 shops.


Paper or cardboard to draw on. Printer paper will be ok but will not handle anything wet on it very well. You can manage with it, but results will be better if you can buy a drawing pad. (suggestions attached below) A4 size of a drawing pad will be fine, go bigger to A3 or A2 if you need to cut loose and have the space.

If you don’t want to buy paper maybe you can find cardboard from old shoeboxes, brown paper from your uber eats delivery or similar and have them cut to size or ripped to size and ready for online class.

Drawing media

Pencils, pens, coffee, tea or red wine, shoe polish and a good imagination.

Black texta – thick sharpie or black board marker pen and whatever pens and pencils you have lying around.

For an ink like medium you can utilise coffee or red wine but strongly suggest you try and get a little bit of ink or a cheap tube of acrylic paint (If you get acrylic paint you will need a brush to break it down with water). Suggestions follow in this doc.

Drawing implements

Some important materials are masking tape, a stick, tennis ball or sponge, few plastic containers, paper towel, or wooden spoon or similar, a metal spoon, an old toothbrush, fingernail cleaning or scrubbing brush, some twine or ripped up pieces of an old cloth (for binding).

Optional extras – a tennis ball, clear or white candle (tea light candle fine) a few colours of ink, portable mirror. Any old art materials you have hanging about, shoe polish and a kitchen sponge may come in handy too.

Other items you may wish to source:

A3 or A2 cartridge drawing pad or for better quality paper Canson 220gsm or similar
Black or Sepia ink – Suggest Art Spectrum 50ml
2B or 4B and a charcoal pencil
Sharpening knife – Stanley knife & pencil sharpener
Some sticks of compressed charcoal – For example - 'General’s' brand available from art supply stores, or Faber Castell compressed pit soft charcoal
A roll of paper towel

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