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Online | Expressive Watercolours with Tanya Baily

Course Overview

If one of your artistic goals is to work in a freer, more painterly and expressive style, this workshop will introduce new techniques and approaches that will move you away from being tight and controlled, to a style that is more wild, loose, and demonstrates your inner vision.

While realism is all about representing things in a realistic way, expressionism expresses people’s inner world, focusing on emotions rather than external realities.

Through structured group exercises, students will make watercolour paintings that express more than a direct representative description of what they see. Student will be working in the studio from Life: either still-life or interior scenes.

What you will achieve

  • An understanding of how to achieve looser, fresher and more expressive watercolour paintings.
  • Learn about watercolour artists, both past and contemporary.
  • Expand knowledge of contemporary watercolour techniques, materials and application.
  • Increased confidence in mixing and using colour for emotive and expressive affect
  • An understanding of how composition can affect meaning

What to expect

  • The morning will be an intense session of group exercises practicing techniques and ideas
  • In the afternoon, Tanya will work individually with each student as they choose a scene to paint on an expressive theme of their choice.

Is this course right for me?

Suitable for all levels

Reccomended Materials List

Please ensure you have the following materials, or something similar:

  • 100% cotton watercolour paper, medium grain: most often found brands are Arches, Fabriano. You can buy it in large sheets size 56x76cm at all good art stores. 1 sheet of this size is enough economical way to buy it, you can cut it down to smaller sizes. If you wish to purchase a pad of A3 size, go ahead and do this. It is important to use this good quality paper to get the most out of the exercises Tanya will be facilitating.
  • Your watercolour paints, brushes and palette*
  • Kitchen roll absorbent paper
  • HB pencil, rubber, sharpener

*Please use quality paints such as Winsor & Newton, Art Spectrum, Daniel Smith or Schmincke (Cheap paints have little pigment and are a waste of money.) A basic colour palette will include a cool and warm of each primary colour:
Lemon Yellow, Warm Yellow, Winsor Red (or cadmium), Alizarin Crimson, Prussian or Pthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue.
If you have other colours, keep them handy.

This class will run online

Due to Sydney’s COVID-19 restrictions, our classes have been designed to run online. Click here to see our detailed guide to setting up, and having a smooth online class.

Fees for adult classes exclude art materials. Click here to see a list of local art supply retailers.

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