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Drawing The Animal Kingdom | One Day workshop with Dominique Millar

Course Overview

Learn how to approach drawing animals in this new drawing workshop with Dominique Millar. Students will draw a variety of animals, from man’s best friend to any animal of your choosing. In this workshop, students will learn with reference to classical drawings techniques of Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Durer and Thomas Gainsborough how to articulate the overall masses of any animal, how to depict the texture of hair, fur, scales and feathers and more.

_images top Cat Studies by Thomas Gainsborough and An Equestrian Horse Leonardo Da Vinci _

What to expect

The workshop will take the following structure:

  • An Equestrian Horse (Leonardo da Vinci) Starting with the horse, learn about identifying the basic masses of the horse and how to convey the muscle structure of the animal in your drawing.
  • Get an introduction to drawing hair, fur, feathers and scales
  • A greyhound (Albrecht Durer) Moving onto the dog, students will learn about rendering form and texture. Students may bring in images of either their own dog, or a photo of a dog.
  • A playful cat by Thomas Gainsborough (pictured) Students will will observe Gainsborough’s use of black and white chalk on yellow-brown buff paper. Students may bring in images of either their own cat, or a photo of a cat. Students will learn about tone and conveying a sense of form and texture of the animals fur.

Is this course right for me

Some prior drawing/painting experience is an advantage, but what really matters is enthusasim to learn!


  • Oil based hard sanguine red, black and white chalk pencils.
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Stanley knife for sharpening pencils.
  • A3 sketch book
  • Two metal paper clips for support
  • 1 sheets of either light blue-grey or buff coloured paper
  • Photos of pets or other animals from home (recommended but optional)
  • Pen and ink – nibs, holder and ink (optional)

Maximum of 12 students in all our classes Our class sizes are small, ensuring you receive the individual tuition you need.

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This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • A wonderful original course- well presented and thoroughly enjoyable.
  • It was a wonderful class. Historical context of drawing animals was great as well as anatomy basics. Thank you