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Colour, Composition and Collage | Intermediate | Deborah Marks

Continue the exciting experience of working with collage while developing your understanding of colour and the visual language of composition. Using the elements and principles of design and colour to investigate compositional structures, we will explore the varied possibilities of collage. We will investigate more experimental approaches and styles to this art form, stimulating your imagination to discover creative possibilities.

In this practical course you will be guided through structured weekly exercises to explore further colour schemes as well as using the elements, structures and principles of composition. More experimental approaches to creating papers will be used eg. Painted papers, frottage, maps etc. Using the weekly brief as a planned structure, students are then encouraged to use their intuition and emotion to guide their decision making. Collaging techniques will be explored further and demonstrated. Individual guidance as well as group critiques will be given in order to facilitate the deeper understanding of this medium and its creative possibilities.
We will continue to explore the combination of knowledge, intuition, chance and accident in the creative process to produce highly original and unique artworks.

Students will:

  • develop their understanding of colour and the visual language involved in composition.
  • Using the principles of composition, including direction, contrast and harmony, repetition and rhythm and dominance, students will be able to create structured compositions which are balanced and unified.
  • develop deeper understanding of colour theory based on Johannes Itten, through experiments using colour harmonies and contrasts.
  • discover a range of collage movements from 20th century through to contemporary collage, as well as artists known in this field.
  • learn to manipulate materials within a structure, as well as using their intuition. Ie. Learn to use the whole brain ie. right and left hand sides of the brain and develop mindfulness in their art

Is this course right for me?

This is an intermediate course for students who have completed the Beginners Colour, Composition and Collage course or who have experience in the visual arts or collage. Not for beginners.

Materials needed for this course

Essential Papers:

  • Arches Watercolour Smooth A4 (210 × 297mm) – 15 sheet pad, 185gms
  • 1 A4 pad matt Assorted Grey Papers A4 eg Mi Tientes or an assortment of grey sheets.

Optional Papers:

  • Any papers that interest you eg: coloured magazine papers, transport tickets, labels, old scrap books or second hand books you are prepared to cut up, architects tracing paper, photocopied papers or any printed material etc.
  • Any textured papers or materials screen, paper doilies, sanding papers, shiny paper
  • Transparent Papers (not needed immediately):
  • Architects tracing paper:
  • Mylar Tissue Papers – Coloured Fashion patterns
  • Rice papers
  • Acetate photocopies

• 2B, 4B pencil, black pen

• Hard white eraser eg. Staedler
• Scissors, Snap-off blade
• UHU glue stick and or Craft Glue
• Masking tape
• 1 Pkt A4 size ‘neutral’ coloured card
• Scalpel knife
• Plastic cutting board

Our term classes are held in our spacious studios.

Our main studios are air-conditioned for year round comfort, and extra measures are in place for your health and well being.

Please read about our Covid-19 safe measures here.

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$450 Limited inc GST
Colour, Composition and Collage | Intermediate | Deborah Marks

<p>{image name:“hero-colour-collage-marks”}</p><p>Continue the exciting experience of working with collage while developing your understanding of colour and the visual language of composition. Using

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