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Glaze Open Studio (Part 3)

Glazing is the final stage of the ceramic process. Glazing can colour, decorate and importantly waterproof your item. Once you have made your object, had your work bisque fired in our kiln (first firing) you may wish to complete the process with glazing (second firing).

How it works

  • Enrol and Pay for one of the sessions listed.
  • On the day of your glaze session, arrive in plenty of time to collect your bisque fired artwork from the storage racks in the ceramics studios (or bring it along if you have already collected it). The works are stored in class groups and names have been written into the base of the works
  • One of your ceramics tutors will be on hand to explain the glazing process, help you apply your glaze.
  • Glazes are available in a wide range of colours. We will have samples available so you can choose your preference.
  • Glazes are applied by dipping your bisque-fired ware in the glaze/s
  • You will leave your glazed items here and we will glaze fire your items in our kiln
  • You will need to return to collect your glaze fired work (expect 2-4 weeks after the session depending on our firing schedules and kiln loads).

Who can attend and what is the fee?*

There is a fee payable and this covers the cost of the glaze and the additional kiln firing. The fee is $20 for each set of pots per person. If you are glazing pots for another person, it is still $20 for each person’s set of pots*.

The glazing session is for Art Est. students as follows :
Children/teens who completed pottery wheel throwing classes during the school holidays and had an artwork bisque fired.
Students who have attended any 3 hour workshop and had vessels bisque fired.

Note: Underglazing , patterns and more decorative approaches to glazing are covered in our term courses. These glazing sessions are for colour and gloss glazing.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • making something I could use
  • I enjoyed the whole process of learning skills involved in making ceramic pots. As well, I wish to compliment our tutor Remy who was excellent in guiding us and helping us individually through the whole process.
  • The whole experience is fun and inspiring. Arun is a great help