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Masterclass | Drawing and Painting in Acrylics | Teens

This master class is held over 2 days and is an art workshop where students will learn colour theory techniques for painting in acrylics. Looking at contemporary artists Zoe Young and John Bokor, students will learn ways to simplify and sketch their subject, explore color theory and paint a colourful painting on a canvas. A great skills bootcamp for budding artists.

Day 1

Working from real life things (still life) the class will have the opportunity to learn how to draw all sorts of shapes and objects using proportion, observe textures, surfaces and shadows. Explore mixing and matching colours while you use a variety of drawing and painting materials. Be shown how to organise and manage your acrylic painting palette

Day 2

We will collectively assemble an interesting still life using studio lights and including some of the objects we studied in day 1 along with some surprise elements Referencing contemporary Australian artists like Zoe Young and John Bokor, students will learn to select and compose a dynamic composition. Spend the day painting a large colourful canvas, learning about colour theory and mixing, paint handling, light and shadow

Students will learn about colour theory, colour mixing and how to create a harmonious palette for a painting. This colour theory will then be put into practice, through painting a still life. Students will be guided on customising their palette, using complementary colours and understanding light and shade.

This art workshop is aimed at high school students with a strong interest in visual arts.

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