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Painting Skills for teens | Arthur Streeton Masterclass | Teens

This Painting Skills Masterclass is a two day art workshop where students will learn colour theory techniques in the style of Arthur Streeton, who is currently on exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. One of Australia’s most prolific artists, fascinated by the bush and being surrounded by nature.

Students will learn about colour theory, colour mixing and how Streeton created harmonious palettes in his paintings. They will create their own colour wheel colour chart to learn colour values, colour temperature, saturation and tint. This colour theory will then be put into practice through painting a landscape. Students will be guided on customising their palette, using complementary colours and understanding light and shade.

• Primary Colour
• Secondary Colour
• Tertiary Colour
• Harmonious or Analogous Colour
• Complementary Colour
• Monochromatic
• Triadic Colour
• Split Complementary
• Warm Colours
• Cool Colours
• Hue

Students will expand their colour theory knowledge to learn how colour can be used to add light, dimension and depth to painting. Students will learn the painterly techniques of the impressionist and paint their own modern impressionist landscape using an advanced palette in the style of Arthur Streeton.

This art workshop is aimed at students in years 7-10 with a strong interest in visual arts.

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This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.