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Develop Your Painting | Painting Studio in Oils or Acrylics with Sally Mowbray

Do you want to work on your own painting projects, but would would like the guidance of a tutor? Would you like to learn how to develop an idea into a finished painting? or Refine individual style and improve foundation painting skills? Then this is the painting class for you. Under the guidance of experienced tutor and artist Sally Mowbray learn as a class group and individually how to developing painting projects from ideas to finished artworks. Your tutor will also recommend structured exercises to help students overcome technical difficulties and creative blocks and refine their skills.

What to expect

Over the term students will :

  • work towards completing several paintings on canvas
  • learn how to use their own preparatory drawings, paintings, photographs or other source material to develop ideas
  • learn about composition
  • discuss formats for laying out a painting
  • learn about colour selection, colour mixing and transparency and opacity
  • refine individual style and improve foundation painting skills.

Click here to a gallery of student works from this class
image credits: student artworks

Is this course right for me?

This course is for all levels of artist, but assumes some drawing skills.


For the first session you can work from a still life project devised by the tutor (drawing or painting – your choice) OR you can begin work from your own subject matter. If you are undecided on whether you want to use oil or acrylic just bring drawing materials for the first session and the tutor can discuss paint options with you before you buy materials

You will need the following for the first lesson:

  • A sketch book A4 or A5 or some loose sheets of cartridge paper
  • A drawing pencil in the 2B to 5B range
  • A canvas (approx A3 size)
  • 2-4 large bull dog clips
  • A palette knife with a metal blade
  • Disposable Painting Palette
  • Paint rags cut down to about 15 cm pieces and a roll of kitchen paper
  • Variety of brushes- Selection of at least 4 brushes in or around these sizes 1/4 inch ‘flat’ and ‘round’ 1/2 inch ‘filbert’ and ‘round’. Check with staff at art shop that the brushes you are buying are suitable for your choice of oil or acrylic
  • Paints: Students may use oil or acrylic in this class. Please bring your preferred paints. The guide for a basic colour kit for oils and acrylics. Please buy good quality paints for the best results. Titanium White, Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, French Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue Viridian Green, Raw Umber. We recommend buying ‘artist quality’ paints (Matisse Derivan Acrylics or Art Spectrum oils are good, reasonably priced brands) or brands that have a ‘student quality’ (Winsor & Newton)

If using acrylic paints
Sally recommends bringing Open Medium – for keeping paint workable longer.

If using oils paints
You will need Linseed Oil 100ml OR Artists Spectrum ‘Lean’ Medium 100ml
You will also need ODOURLESS solvent – at least 500 ml. Solvents MUST be odourless. Oil painting solvents and mediums must not be tipped down the sinks. You will need to bring jars with lids to take away spent solvents/mediums. Spent solvents/mediums must be taken with you and not left in the studios. You tutor will give you information on reusing and disposing of spent solvents and mediums.

Our term classes are held in our spacious studios.

Our main studios are air-conditioned for year round comfort, and extra measures are in place for your health and well being.

Please read about our Covid-19 safe measures here.

Fees for adult classes exclude art materials.Click here to see a list of local art supply retailers.

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Course testimonials:

  • I enjoy the fun and lightheadedness in the class. Sally allows us the freedom of working in our own style and to go in our own specific direction. She is a fabulous teacher.
  • Sally is warm and knowledgeable. She has a unique way of guiding one to improve their technique without taking over. She suggests artists to explore and maintains a friendly supportive atmosphere in the class
  • Love every minute of the course.