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Pottery Wheel Throwing Intermediate (Part 1, Prepare, Centre, Shape)

Course overview

This class is for students with some previous wheel throwing experience who want to refine and build on existing skills. Students may work with the tutor to solve problem areas, practice working with larger amounts of clay, throwing forms and vessels of different shapes and sizes and altering forms; learn new finishing and clay decoration techniques.

Our purpose built ceramics studio is equipped with 8 wheels. Clay can be purchased at the workshop, a limited number of glazes are available and work is kiln fired on the premises. There is a maximum of 8 students in this class.

1 or 2 objects (size dependent) will be bisque fired. Bisque firing will occur during the week and work can be collected after we have notified you via email.

Image: Greg Crowe

Is this course right for me?

This class is for students who have previously attended wheel throwing classes, are comfortable with wedging, centering clay and throwing small vessels, and would be happy to return casually.

We recommend that you follow up Part 1 attending:

Part 2 (2 hours) Trim and Turn | In part 2 students learn how to TRIM and TURN the vessels you made in Part 1. Trimming and Turning is the next element in the wheel process. In this step you make your vessels more pleasing to the eye, tidying up rough edges, shaping the rim, adding a foot at the base of the vessel. If there’s time you may also be introduced to a few basic decorative techniques. After this session, we will bisque fire your work in our kiln. You need to complete a trimming session within 7 days of part 1.

Part 3 (1 hour) Glaze session Glazing is the final stage in the process where your work is coated in a clear or coloured glaze which makes it waterproof and functional.

Parts 2 and 3 are an additional fee, not included in Part 1 Beginner Blast.

What should I wear?

Close toed shoes are a must as are comfortable clothes you are relaxed about getting clay.
Note that we no longer supply aprons to students, so bring apron or an old shirt to cover up your clothes if you wish, or go ahead and enjoy the mess!
We recommend relaxed fit pants/trousers as you’ll sit close to the wheel as you throw.
Please ensure long hair is tied back, take off jewellery and watches and remove any long necklaces, scarves etc from around your neck
We do sell Art Est. branded aprons - $35 for adult size and $30 for kid size

What should I bring?

An apron and old towel (old bath towel or large hand towel) is useful

What is included in the fee?

Included in the price

*enough clay to enable completion of several vessels
*use of our pottery tools
*bisque firing of your 2 best vessels#

#If you enrol for Part 2 Trimming your work will be after the trimming session.
#Bisque fired work is usually available for collection 10 days after the workshop. Items not collected are only stored for 4 weeks then will be recycled.
#If you don’t want to bisque fire your work, that’s fine as well. We will simply recycle your clay and it will be reused.

Our class sizes are small, ensuring you receive the individual tuition you need.

Unless otherwise noted, clay is supplied for ceramic workshops and this is included in your fees, however there may be other items to bring, so please review course description carefully.

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This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.