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Introduction to Writing and Illustrating Picture Books with Serena Geddes

Have you ever wondered what goes into writing and illustrating a picture book and then getting it published? Then you have come to the right place! Join Serena as she takes you step by step through an introduction to writing and illustrating children’s picture books. We will look at pacing narrative, learn character design, understand emotions and explore colour using diferent mediums such as pencil, watercolour, gouache and ink. This is a fun and interactive course where you will develop your creative writing and illustration skills. Bring your writing, illustrations and imagination for inspiration.

For continuing students, you will be working with Serena on developing your story and painting up your own projects over the 8 weeks. The outcome would be two to three finished pieces working at actual size, getting your manuscript ready and story boarded. Looking at suitable publishers and or self publishing.

Picture books can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to paint. If you are keen to finish (or as close to being finished) these Term classes will run to the end of the year and we would be able to pace out students project and have a deadline to work to. Whether this is for your own personnel project or to be published Serena will be working with students over the Term(s) to guide and help you with your individual projects.

What to expect

Over the term students will:

Experiment with different mediums
Learn about publishing and the process for illustrating a picture book.
Explore basic drawing techniques and manuscripts
Be introduced to storyboarding and thumbnailing
Explore colours and colour combinations
learn about illustration, layout and text.
Discuss publishers and portfolio submissions
Illustration Outcomes, Publishing and Picture Book Reveal

Class activities are structured to stimulate student’s imagination and build creative writing and illustration skills

Is this course right for me?

Suitable for new and continuing students. The class is suitabl for anyone who has some basic drawing and writing skills and keen learn how to create children’s picture books.

Our term classes are held in our spacious studios.

Our main studios are air-conditioned for year round comfort, and extra measures are in place for your health and well being.

Please read about our Covid-19 safe measures here.

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$450 Limited inc GST
Introduction to Writing and Illustrating Picture Books with Serena Geddes

<p>{image name:“childrens-picture-books_adults-serena-geddes-hero”}</p><p>Have you ever wondered what goes into writing and illustrating a picture book and then getting it published? Then you have

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Course testimonials:

  • This course is a great insight of what TRULY goes into the creation of an illustration/story of a children's picture book. I naively walked into this course thinking I'd have a finished book at the end of the 8 weeks (what was i thinking?!). However, it has certainly armed me with the 'checklist' of things that are required to accomplish that! Creating art or being able to draw is COMPLETELY different to being able to create a consistent: theme, character, story, colour palette, page layout, style...the list goes on! Each week a new experience was learnt, whether it be: storyboarding, colour management, character creation, page-flow, problem solving, paper preparation...the list goes on! Serena is a very skilled and wonderfully encouraging teacher who is open to allllll the questions and was always happy to tweak aspects of the night's learnings to ensure everyone got as much out of it as they could!
  • This course was a fabulous introduction into the world of book illustration. Serena happily shared her knowledge and valuable insights of the process and encouraged everyone when doubting our abilities. She was well prepared and a delight to learn from.