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Painting for Everyone in Oils or Acrylics

Course overview

This painting course is open to anyone, from beginners to those with prior experience. Beginners will learn the fundamentals building on skills and confidence week by week. Those with prior experience will benefit from your tutor’s wealth of painting experience and be encouraged to try new approaches and build on existing skills and pursue their own particular interest. Students will learn in a relaxed and friendly environment.

What to expect

  • learn to paint a wide range of subject matter from still life, interiors, to landscape and more.
  • learn approaches to applying paint and mark making
  • learn about classical and modern master painters
  • learn to bring colour, light and energy into paintings
  • learn about composition, colour harmony and more
  • learn to work from a range of sources including: drawings, oil sketches and black and white photographs

Students with limited experience will learn from instruction and demonstration, students with some prior experience will be encouraged to extend their skills and pursue particular interests.

image credit: student artworks

Is this course right for me?

Suitable for all levels including enthusiastic beginners. Students with prior experience are encouraged to explore their own particular projects as well as enjoy structured exercises.

Materials list

  • Pencil/charcoal and some paper or a sketchbook.
  • Palette – White china plates work well.
  • Rags (lots!), Masking tape, jumbo bulldog clips
  • Brushes (variety of sizes with a few bigger ones as well as small/thin ones for details)
  • For the first class bring a canvas approximately A3 size further materials and supports will be discussed in class (or you can purchase a canvas at Art Est.)
  • Reference material: Bring a variety of pictures/photos/drawings of landscapes and interiors that inspire you – plus any sketches/sketch books you may have done.
  • Paints: Students may use acrylic or oil paints depending on preference. Please use quality paints. Cheap paints are a waste of money! If you already have paints, bring what you have and your tutor can review this with you. If you do not already have oil paints, the following list will provide you with a basic colour set. Warm red (Spectrum Red); Cool Red (Alizarin Crimson); Cool Blue (Manganese Blue); Warm Blue (Ultramarine Blue); Cool Yellow (Lemon Yellow); Warm Yellow (Spectrum Yellow); Titanium White; Raw or Burnt Umber. Ashley may suggest additional colours as the term progresses For better results we recommend buying ‘artist quality’ paints (Matisse Derivan Acrylics or Art Spectrum oils are good, reasonably priced brands) or brands that have a ‘student quality’ (Winsor & Newton)

If using oil paints
Bring a bottle of odourless solvent for cleanup and mixing mediums. 500ml bottle is recommended. Solvents MUST be odourless. Oil painting solvents and mediums must not be tipped down the sinks.
You will need to bring jars with lids to take away spent solvents/mediums. Spent solvents/mediums must be taken with you and not left in the studios. You tutor will give you information on reusing and disposing of spent solvents and mediums. We recommend oil painters used disposable gloves especially if you are sensitive to paints/solvents

Maximum of 12 students in all our classes Our class sizes are small, ensuring you receive the individual tuition you need.

Unless otherwise noted, fees for adult classes exclude art materials.Click here to see a list of local art supply retailers.

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Course testimonials:

  • Nicole is a kind and encouraging teacher, with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for painting.
  • It was an excellent class with just the right amount of support and advice along the way from Nicole.
  • Excellent course with the right amount of freedom and guidance.