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Drawing Fundamentals with Andrew Antoniou

Anyone can learn to draw, and so to really ‘see’. This drawing class offers an encouraging, supportive environment for students to discover their own visual language and the joy of making marks on paper. Beginning with still life observational drawing as a way of learning to ‘really see’, classes will gently progress to more expressive and experimental drawing. A variety of materials and techniques will be introduced, and exercises will range from quick, loose sketches to more sustained drawings. Students will be guided through the process with demonstrations and encouraged to work at their own pace.

What to expect

In these classes students will

  • use a range of drawing materials, including graphite, charcoal, ink, erasers etc
  • understand the use of line, tone, shape, texture, proportion and composition
  • learn how to approach drawing by breaking the subject down into simple components
  • draw from a variety of subject matter which may include still life, the portrait, the landscape, reference material …

Is this course right for me? Suitable for complete beginners through to anyone who wants to sharpen their pencils again!


Please bring the following

  • paper – a pad of A2 or A1 size cartridge paper
  • 2-4 large bulldog clips
  • roll of masking tape – about 2cm width
  • 3 ‘B’ grade pencils – eg. 2B, 4B, 6B
  • craft knife with snap-off blade for sharpening pencils
  • willow and compressed charcoal sticks – various sizes
  • white chalk or pastel
  • 2 plastic erasers
  • small bottle of black ink
  • rags – eg. old cotton clothing etc
  • can of spray fixative
  • any other materials you would like to draw with!

Additional materials may be suggested throughout the term.

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