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Exhibition dates: 20 July – 8 August.
Opening event: Saturday 22 July, 3-5pm

Gauri was the winner of the 2015 Greenway Art Prize. As part of her prize package, she received a 2 week exhibition at Art Est. Gallery.

Following education and work experience in architecture, urban design and community planning in India and the United States, Gauri migrated to Australia in 2012 and is now pursuing a career in painting. Her practice investigates the intrinsic need of immigrants to make cultural associations in new communities, which is a continuous social process.

Contemporary Australian identity is bestrewn with markers of globalization and cultural translations that question the very notion of what it means today to be Australian. To Gauri, an Indian native who after a decade in America is now a resident of Australia, questions about her own identity loom large. Drawing on her life experience and Indian heritage, particularly Indian textiles, Gauri depicts the Australian landscape altered through the lens of personal memory and cultural associations.

During her 2016 residency at the BigCi, Gauri was fascinated and greatly inspired by the pagoda rock formations in the Gardens of Stone National Park & Wollemi National Park. Although imposing and majestic, these unique rock forms are easily damaged and in dire need of conservation. The work presented here, Fragile Giants, is a depiction of Gauri’s exploration of the form, character and the meditative quality of pagoda country.

Gauri received her Bachelors degree in Architecture from Mumbai University, India (2000), and Masters degree in Architecture & Urban Design from Kent State University, USA (2003).


Images top: (detail) Pagoda Country 1 charcoal on paper 76cm x 56cm and bottom (detail) Anatomy of a Pagoda charcoal on handmade paper 5cm x 9cm each 20 nos